Closed Cell

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[hblock blockheader=”about us” blocktext=”One insulation type that can create a big impact on your home without breaking the bank is closed cell spray foam insulation. Here are four advantages of choosing this insulation type:

Density – Compared to some other standard insulation materials, closed cell spray foam insulation is denser, and therefore insulates better throughout your home.
R-Value – The R-value of insulation is its resistance to heat flow. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your insulation materials. Closed call spray foam has a high R-value, and therefore offers an added layer of protection.

Longevity – Ultimately, closed cell spray foam insulation offers advantages in the immediate future, as well as for the long term. While other insulation materials may lose their effectiveness over time, you can rest assured that your closed cell spray foam choice will be a good investment for many years to come.” blocktitle=”ADVANTAGES”]

farm insulation

Steel Roofs

Closed cell foam is ideal for spraying directly onto steel, particularly where condensation is an issue. A light 25mm coating will eliminate condensation, or 100mm will add a great insulation factor to your premises.

Limited Space

Where space is at a premium, for instance in a van conversion, or wall insulation in an older building, closed cell is the right choice as it will give a better u-value with less material than Open cell foam. This is because although it is primarily the same product, it is much denser.

External Insulation

Since closed cell is water resistant it is suitable for spraying outdoors. It can be used underneath mobile homes, under basements, or on top of flat roofs.

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