Is Steel Sheds Insulation Worthwhile?

Sheds have many different uses and can be made from various materials. The uses people find for them are endless, but if you want to use one as an office or playroom you may be wondering is steel sheds insulation worthwhile?


Uses For Sheds, Small And Large

Sheds come in many different sizes and have more uses than you may realise:

  • Small domestic sheds are usually in gardens and most of the time are used for storage of tools and garden equipment. Sometimes they are turned into a playroom or office. They are often purchased as self-assembly kits and some people go to great lengths to make them look good or hide them in the garden. When they are turned into a man-cave, it’s not unusual for them to be named.
  • There are larger domestic sheds as well, and they are often painted or decorated in a way that matches the home they are in the garden of. These are generally used for things other than storage and some people go to the extent of double-glazing them and dressing the windows.
  • Woodsheds are usually quite large and are used for storing large quantities of wood, normally by people that have a log burning fire. They have to be well sealed to keep out any damp that could affect the wood being stored.
  • Agricultural sheds are even bigger and are used on farms to store foodstuffs and equipment. They are also used for things like chicken runs, or to protect animals from the bad weather.
  • Moving on to even larger sheds, we reach railway sheds, which are used to store train engines when they are not in use. They can also be the place where spare track is stored, or anything else to do with trains. They are built adjacent to train stations and have been in use since the early 19th


There are hundreds of other things people find to use sheds for, as they can be a cheaper way of providing protection from adverse weather conditions and saving space in other parts of your home.


Materials Used For Shed Construction

Traditionally, sheds are made of wood, but now you can also buy plastic ones and metal ones. Wooden sheds tend to blend in with a garden environment easier, so wood is often what small domestic sheds are made from. However, wood will rot over time and needs treating to make it last longer. Even wooden sheds that are pre-treated when you buy them will need an annual coat of preservative, unless they are pressure treated. Pressure treated sheds have all the moisture forced out of the wood and replaced with a preservative. The makers often guarantee these for 15 years.

Made form heavy moulded plastics, such as PVC, plastic sheds are more durable and less prone to damage than wooden sheds. They also have the advantage over wood of not being infested with pests such as termites, and they need less maintenance. They usually come in modules that are very easy to put together.

Metal sheds are the lightest of them all and are usually made from galvanised steel or aluminium. They can rust if not properly looked after, particularly if they are in contact with concrete, as that will erode them. Regardless of this, metal sheds are becoming more popular as if they are properly insulated most of the problems disappear. Steel sheds insulation can prolong the sheds life, as well as making it a more comfortable place to be.

Spray foam used for steel sheds insulation will last for many years, and just like with home insulation, will help to keep your shed warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Metal sheds are used in some countries, such as Australia, in industry, and in peoples back gardens you will rarely see plastic or wooden sheds.


Is Steel Sheds Insulation Easy To Do?

It does not matter if you are looking for attic insulation, home insulation or steel sheds insulation, it’s always a job best carried out by professionals. They will make it look easy and most of the time they are able to complete the installation in just a few hours.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s really simple, they make it look easier than it is. Professionals are experienced in the best ways to approach each job and the best insulation to use to match your requirements, so speaking with them is vital. They will have the installation all planned before they arrive to carry out your steel sheds insulation, and a lot of work will have gone into the planning before they get there.


Steel Sheds Insulation Is Worthwhile

It can be really annoying to go into your shed after the winter months and find many of your tools have been ruined because of the cold and damp. The changes in temperature and humidity that happens through winter are ideal for rust and mould to attack tools and other things you’ve stored.

Spray foam steel sheds insulation is the answer to prevent this from happening. It’s not only the most efficient way to insulate your steel shed, it’s also cost effective, and it won’t break the bank to have the installation completed.


Call The Professionals

If you would like more information about insulating your shed, call us at Reilly Spray Foam. We help homeowners, businesses and farmers all over Ireland with their insulation needs. Our team of experienced insulation engineers will provide you with the highest quality service. We are a friendly bunch who are happy to discus insulation with you if you give us a call on 01 969 5561, email us at hello@reillysprayfoam, or call in and see us on Cheery Orchard Industrial Estate in Dublin.

When you want your building insulated, domestic or commercial, you want to know you’re using the best providers, and that’s us at Reilly Spray Foam.

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