Open Cell

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[hblock blockheader=”about us” blocktext=”Open Cell Spray foam forms into a soft and flexible, yet air tight seal, and therefore accommodates a building’s normal structural movement and shifting over time. As a vapour permeable application, it supports bi-directional assembly drying and provides better sound absorption than its closed cell counterpart.
Open cell is also a lower cost product and uses an eco-friendly water-based blowing agent for application.” blocktitle=”ADVANTAGES”]
farm insulation

Attic Insulation

Open cell foam is primarily installed between the rafters in your attic space. It is sprayed onto a card which is installed leaving a 50mm air flow gap on the cold side of the insulation.
Open cell foam expands to fill all of the crevices in the roof and is sprayed right down to meet the wall plate, thereby eliminating any cold air from entering the attic space.

Wall Insulation

In a new timber frame build, open cell foam can be sprayed between the studs and trimmed flush. Services can easily be installed as the foam is plyable. With the added bonus of sound insulation, open cell foam is the perfect solution for wall insulation in new builds.

Floor Insulation

Open cell foam can be installed between the floors in 2 storey houses reducing heat loss to rooms above and also acting as a sound insulator between the floors. Contact us when designing your build for a free estimate.

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