Is spray foam attic insulation worth the money?

In short, yes. Spray foam attic insulation is a worthwhile investment for most people. Even some homes that already have attic insulation could benefit from a newer type of insulation that’s more efficient. It will make the time you spend living in your home more comfortable, keeping you warmer in the winter. With the cost of heating our homes steadily increasing, anything that helps to reduce our bills is a bonus. It will also add value to your home and provide some surprising benefits you may not be aware of.


The benefits of spray foam attic insulation

Saving money

Did you know that a home without attic insulation, or with old insulation that has become compressed, inefficient and damp, could be losing as much as 35% of its heat through its roof? That’s a lot of extra energy you need to pay for in order to keep your home warm.

After attic insulation has been professionally installed you’ll find you don’t need to have you’re heating on for as long to reach the desired temperature, and that your home stays warm for a much longer period without the loss of heat through the roof.  With heating costs set to rise, anything that can help to reduce your utility bills has to be considered. According to Which? magazine, that saving could easily amount to over £225 per year.


A more even temperature

Attic insulation will help to keep a more even temperature in your home, so that the warmth is spread all around, and not just in some of the rooms. This is because as the heat rises, it will not be disappearing into the loft and out through the roof, but will stay in the confines of your home.

This will be more comfortable in the winter months, but it can also help in the summer months. If the sun is beating down on your roof, the heat will not get through the attic insulation, and this will help to keep the inside cooler.

Winter or summer, you will feel the benefit of having your loft insulated.



 It does not matter what you’re going to use your loft for. It could be utilised as an extra room, or you could just want to use it for storage. The installation can be designed to suit your needs, as attic insulation is extremely flexible in its uses. Professional installers will know exactly how to install the insulation so that you get the most benefit, regardless of what you intend to use your attic for.


Improved energy-efficiency rating

 When you buy a home you get a Building Energy Rating (BER). This shows an overall energy-efficiency for your home. The ratings range from A, which is the most efficient, to G, which is the least efficient. It also contains information on how to reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills by making home improvements.

When a property is being sold or rented in Ireland, a BER is compulsory, with very few exceptions, such as protected structures. A better energy rating means lower heating bills, which can help to make it more saleable or easier to rent out.

Organising a BER is fairly simple, and your BER assessor will advise you on any improvements that could be made to improve your energy efficiency.


Other Aspects Of An Attic Insulation Survey

Many people have never bothered to go into their attic, and it is only now that they are considering insulation that it gets looked at. A pre-installation survey can highlight several issues that might not otherwise have been found. As part of the installation survey things like air leaks will be checked for, ventilation and air circulation will be checked, and if there is any existing insulation, the condition will need considering, as compression and damp can both affect its performance.

These sorts of issues are important to make sure your attic insulation does the best job possible, and the experts will understand how and what to look for. When you are considering home insulation, using professional installers is the best option.


Professionals Or DIY

You really have to consider whether insulating your attic yourself will save you any money, or whether it could end up costing you more in the long run. It might seem like an easy job, but as with many other home alterations, part of the secret is in the preparation.

  • Professionals will assess your attic to see if it is air sealed
  • Professionals will use the best insulation type for your intended use of the attic
  • Professionals will prepare the design for the insulation so it goes where it should
  • Professionals will complete the job in less time and to a higher quality than you could yourself

Even a complex attic project will not take the professionals more than a couple of days, but you will be certain your attic has been insulated safely, effectively and for the long term. Insulating your attic is one of the home improvement projects where you cannot lose, a win-win situation in every way.


Finding Professionals For Insulating Your Attic

If you are looking for professional to insulate your attic, give us a call at Reilly Spray Foam. We know how important it is for any insulation job to be carried out to the highest standard, which is why we only use top quality materials and highly trained installers.

You can get in touch with us for a free quote without committing yourself to anything, so why not contact us today. You can call us on 01 969 5561 for a friendly chat, or email us at There is a contact form you can complete and we will respond as soon as we can, or you will be welcome to call in and see us at Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate in Dublin. However you decide to contact us, we know you will not regret getting in touch with Reilly Spray Foam when you are considering having your attic insulated.


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