Spray Foam Cost In Ireland – Will You Recover It? 


When the cold winter descends upon us, you either have to wear many layers of clothes to stay warm, or spend a fortune heating your house. This is only going to get worse as the utility companies increase the charges every year.  


This problem can be reduced if you have your attic insulated with spray foam, which is very durable and will last for years. However, you may be left wondering whether you will be able to save enough money to recover the outlay involved? 

You Are Not Alone Looking At The Spray Foam Cost In Ireland 


It seems that many families in Ireland are struggling with the increased energy costs, some of them having to switch their heating off on a regular basis, as they cannot afford the increased bills. This is a worrying trend, as the findings from Switcher show, and one that affects about 13% of the population. 


You can sometimes save money by changing suppliers for gas and electricity. Finding the best deals on the market could save you more than 100 euro a year on each, which would certainly make those energy bills a little easier to cope with. 


You can keep your house warmer by insulating your attic, and then you may be able to lower the thermostats a few degrees and save some more money on your heating. Your house will retain the heat for longer periods too, so you will be able to use your boiler for a shorter period of time. If you are wondering if you will recover the spray foam cost in Ireland, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Government Grants 


The Irish government is so concerned about the energy costs for homes that they offer several different grants to help with the initial outlay, and attic insulation is among the measures they support. They are also working hard to make Ireland as environmentally friendly as they can, so offer grants for many other home improvements that help towards this end. Currently, you can get up to 400 euros towards attic insulation if your home qualifies. 


If you currently have old insulation that needs replacing, you should still apply for financial assistance. If you make three home improvements that qualify, the total amount you are awarded is increased by an extra 300 euros, so all in all it is quite a generous scheme that means you will recover you spray foam cost in Ireland even quicker. 


If your home was built before 2006, you should be applying for these home improvement grants. After this date, the buildings had to comply with the changes made to building regulations in 2003, so the property should have been built with the energy saving measures already in. 


Spray Foam Cost In Ireland For Floor Insulation 


Spray foam floor insulation is fairly new to the Irish market. It has been specifically designed for the job with a comprehensive strength and density. Insulating the ground floor of your property can help to keep your home warmer and reduce your energy bills. Although heat rises, so you do not lose as much heat as you do through your attic, the floors can have lots of gaps that create drafts of cold air. This can be a problem for older houses. 


Spray foam floor insulation will seal these and ensure that your home is warm from the ground upwards. The cost of installation, and the savings you will make, depends on the size and style of your house. 


You can insulate between floors as well, but generally it is best just to deal with the ground floor, as that is where most of the problems with drafts and gaps will be. 

Other Advantages Of Spray Foam Insulation 


Recovering the spray foam cost in Ireland because of a warmer house and reduced energy bills is not the only reason to have this insulation installed. There are other advantages too. 


In the summer months when the sun is beating down on your roof, the insulation will help to keep your house cooler. It is fire retardant so you do not have to worry about the heat becoming too much for it. 


It can help to reduce the noise levels from outside sources as it absorbs some of the sound. 


You will be awarded a higher BER rating because insulation is one of the factors that is considered when calculating these.  If you are considering selling your home any time in the future, it is worth getting a BER rating now. If it is not as good as you hoped, you would have the inspector’s recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 


Spray foam insulation is the most flexible of all insulations. It can be sprayed into all small gaps to seal areas totally, making sure that no drafts are going to undo its good work. It is water resistant and very durable. Your spray foam insulation will last for many years. 

Spray Foam Cost In Ireland – Who To Contact 


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We offer our services nationwide and for all types of properties. Even commercial buildings need to take advantage of keeping their energy bills lower and will often consider the spray foam cost in Ireland to be worthwhile. 


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