There are many things you can do to try and make your home more environmentally friendly. Updating appliances is a good place to start, as the older they become the less energy efficient they are. You can change all your lights to LED bulbs, which might cost a little more to start with, but will reduce the cost of your lighting by up to 80%, and they last for years.

Buy a new jacket for your hot water tank. They are much more efficient than they used to be and if yours is old, it’s probably not doing a very good job of retaining the heat in the tank.  Install a thermostat to program your heating so it doesn’t get left on when it’s not needed. This seems to be one of the biggest energy savers of all, after insulating your home.

Anything that saves energy, as well as reducing your utility bills, will mean less fuel is used. This all goes towards reducing the amount of carbon emitted by your home.


Home Insulation

There are several types of home insulation, but research shows the most efficient of them all is spray foam. This is because it’s so flexible and will reach areas that others insulations can’t reach. Homeowners also like the fact the product itself does not contain wood or paper, which use the natural resources of the planet.

One of the areas that lets an enormous amount of heat escape is your roof, and to stop this happening you need to have insulation installed in your attic.

It is estimated that up to 30% of generated heat will be lost through the roof in a home that does not have attic insulation, and that is a big increase in the amount of fuel you are using, and added cost to your utility bills.

The beauty of spray foam insulation is it doesn’t matter what you want to use your attic for, it will always be suitable. If you want to use your attic for storage, or as an additional room for your house, a spray foam insulation installation will be ideal.

Apart from keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, having your home insulated will help to reduce the noise levels from outside and keep the inside a healthier environment for you and your family. This can be particularly important if you have young children, elderly people, or people with a reduced immune system in your home.



The latest technology in spray foam insulation means it will last for many years. It will not rot or disintegrate, but will do its job for as long as it’s left in place. Using professional installers will help to make sure the insulation is everywhere you need it to be, and they will do most jobs in no more than a couple of days – some take even less time.

The sudden surge of popularity for spray foam insulation is attributed to homeowners wanting high-performing technologies to make their homes more environmentally friendly, without the need to be constantly maintaining them. This is true of spray foam insulation and perhaps explains why it is now being used worldwide.

In new buildings, both domestic and commercial, spray foam insulation is used as a matter of course. In older properties, it can make a huge difference to the home being more comfortable, and is so important that the Irish Government offers grants and incentives to help cover the cost of installation.


Windows And Doors

If you do not have double glazed windows and doors, they will be the next place that has the biggest heat loss. You can use drafting tape to block out drafts around them, but replacing them with more modern sealed units is a much better option.

Apart from improving the outer appearance of your home, they will help to keep it warmer, block out noise from outside and will contribute to making your home more eco friendly.



As heat rises you would think you do not loose much heat through your floors, but you can if they are tiled or stone. It is quite easy to insulate them. Carpet with a good underlay will do the trick. and you will be one step nearer to your home being green.



Any home that is for sale or for rent in Ireland has to be certified as to its level of energy efficiency. The better your rating is, the more likely it will sell or be rented out easily. The BER rating is considered a very good way of determining if your home is environmentally friendly, and even if you are intending to stay there, it’s not a bad idea to have the rating done just to see how successful you have been in your eco efforts. The report will also give you recommendations of other things you could do to help if the rating is low.


Finding The Best Spray Foam Installers

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