Whether you have a commercial building, offices, farm buildings, a residential property, are in charge of a school or college or maybe have a garden shed you want to repurpose, you may be wondering if spray foam insulation in Ireland would be suitable to help make it a warmer and dryer environment. The simple answer is yes it will, and it will also contribute to keeping it cooler in the summer months.

Garden Sheds

How useful would another room in your house be? Do you need somewhere to use as an office or a playroom? Your garden shed could offer the perfect solution. Many people are turning their sheds into something more useful than a dumping ground for junk and cobwebs. However, to be effective it needs to be properly prepared.

The cold, damp and humidity of the Irish winter means that anything left in a shed will start to suffer. Tools will start to rust and mowers will seize up, so what chance would computers have? With no insulation, papers will start to curl and ink will smudge. If you are using it as a room for children, or for anything else, materials will start to get damp and it will not be a pleasant place to be.

Spray foam insulation in Ireland is the way to go. This will not only prevent cold and damp from ruining the contents, it will also improve the integrity of the shed itself. All you need to do in addition is repair any windows and make sure the door is a good fit, and your shed will become cosier and useable for many different purposes.

People go to great lengths with their garden sheds and some even give them names. Some paint them bright colours and hang curtains at the windows, while others try to make them as unobtrusive as possible. They turn them into retreats, summer houses, offices and many other things, but the key to making it work is always using spray foam insulation in Ireland.


Houses lose about 35% of their heat through the roof, which while making your home colder also pushes up your heating bills. Spray foam insulation in Ireland could prevent this from happening.

The beauty of spray foam insulation in Ireland is that it will fill any gaps and stop drafts, making your home much more energy efficient. Newer homes tend to be built with an insulated attic, but that has only started to happen in recent years. To help householders with this problem, the Irish government offer grants for attic insulation. It will also result in a higher BER rating when you decide to sell.

Spray foam insulation in Ireland should be installed by experts to ensure a good and lasting finish.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings could contain machinery and any number of valuable items. Steel frame commercial buildings particularly, are prone to cold and damp, but that is easily remedied with spray foam insulation in Ireland.

Keeping large buildings warm can be every expensive. Heaters have to be on all the time so your employees can work at a reasonable temperature. An awful lot of that heat is disappearing, and spray foam insulation can stop that happening. Apart from the warmth advantages, it will help to keep it cooler in the summer months and will help to lower the incidence of weather damage to the structure.

Your commercial building could be a factory, a warehouse or a farm building. Spray foam insulation in Ireland will help to protect them all.

Schools And Colleges

Although many responsibilities in schools and colleges in Ireland have been passed to Education Boards and Boards of Governors, the health and safety of the children, students, staff and any visitors remains in the hands of the school.

With regard to heating, there are standards they have to reach or the teachers can refuse to work. The classroom must reach 16 degrees centigrade within one hour of the start of the school day. If this does not happen, the school representative has to be informed so that they can verify the temperature in that classroom and in the others.

If there is a problem with the heating system, the children should all be gathered together in the hall or another suitable room and children sent home if parents have been contacted to let them know of the situation. Teachers are responsible for the children until the end of the school day, and they should never send them home unless it is safe to do so.

All this is an extra burden on the Principal, but the risk of it taking place could be reduced if the school is insulated. Schools are unique because of the hours they are open, but even with the heating turned off at night, a spray foam insulated school will retain some of the heat and will be easier to get to the required temperature the next day. The saving on energy costs can be significant when the buildings are the size of a school, and that money could be used for other things to benefit the children.

Finding The Best Installers In Ireland

Spray foam insulation is not a do-it-yourself job. It needs to be installed by the experts. This ensures that once completed the installation will last for many years to come. You need look no further than Reilly Spray Foam if you are looking for the best installers in Ireland.

No matter what type of building you have, it will not cost you anything to get a quote for installing the insulation, so why not give us a call today. Our number is 01-9695561. If you prefer you can email us at hello@reillysprayfoam.ie.

However you decide to get in touch, once you feel how much warmer your building is and see the reduction in your energy bill, you will be pleased you spoke to Reilly Spray Foam.