Most of us know there are benefits to home insulation, but not everyone realises just how many there are. Many people assume extra warmth is the reason to insulate your home but there are several advantages to having your home insulated, including:

  • Energy savings – It is estimated that 40% of a homes energy is lost through walls, windows and doorways. Gaps around them can create drafts, which suck out the warm air and replace it with cold. Home insulation can help to reduce this and in turn reduce your energy bills.
  • Reduction of moisture – Moisture in your walls, around windows and doorframes can manifest as harmful mould and mildew. Once you start getting black patches of damp in your home it is not easy to get rid of safely. If the windows and doorframes are made of wood the moisture can start to rot them. A properly insulated home will reduce the problem greatly or eliminate it altogether.
  • Temperature control – Everyone wants his or her home to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and home insulation helps to achieve this. It reduces the cold or hot air from outside entering your home. It can help you control the internal temperature. This will help to reduce the cost of your heating or air conditioning.
  • Noise reduction – There are some forms of home insulation that will help reduce the levels of noise from outside your home.
  • A healthier home – if you suffer from hay fever or allergies then spray foam can help you. It prevents pollutants and allergens from entering your home, and reduces the likelihood of decay or mould occurring.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in home insulation, but what is the best type for your house?


The Different Types Of Home Insulation

There is a vast array of different insulations that can be used for your home. Some of them have to be part of the building process and some can be added later.  Structural insulated panels are pre fabricated, 4 to 8 inches thick and for use in walls, roofs and floors. Ideally this type of insulation would be used on new build properties. Loft insulation usually comes in sheets, and although more expensive than many insulations, is effective.

However, what is the best type of insulation? There are two main types of insulation, loose fill and spray foam. Of the two, spray foam is the most flexible as it enters an area as a liquid and will fill any hole or move around any obstacle. It then sets hard and stays in place.

Is there an insulation that can have more than one use? Spray foam can be used for:

Attic insulation – Attic insulation is no longer a luxury it’s expected. The benefits of a well-insulted attic are well documented, and spray foam provides the best insulation currently available.

Commercial buildings – Businesses are always looking for effective ways to cut their overheads. We use only the finest quality products and expert installers to ensure your business enjoys all the benefits as much as possible.

Farm buildings – We use closed cell insulation to insulate Ireland’s farms. It provides excellent insulation while helping to maintain buildings. Because it never rots, future generations will still be benefitting from your Reilly Spray Foam insulation.

It is the most versatile of all types of insulation; it can even be used on sheds and in mobile homes. Our spray foam is maintenance free and resistant to bugs and moulds.


 Why Spray Foam Insulation Should Be Your First Choice

While all types of insulation will provide an energy saving to some degree, spray foam insulates as much as 50% better than traditional insulation. This is largely due to the nature of the product. It fills holes and gaps much more efficiently, and provides a more airtight solution.

The government has several initiatives in place to improve energy consumption in buildings in Ireland, including grants for homeowners to help with the costs. The National Standards Authority of Ireland can point you in the right direction for these grants and has the information you will need.


Finding The Expert Help You Need

If you put ‘spray foam home insulation’ into your search engine you will get more results than you can cope with. Although searching the Internet is the most common way to find local services and tradesmen, Google returns over 24 million results for that particular search. With such a large amount of information available it can be hard to know what the right advice is, or which option you should choose. You can end up still trawling through information many hours later.

Personal recommendations are always a good way to find reliable trades people. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations, or scour the local papers for adverts. Alternatively save yourself the hassle and get in touch with the experts at Reilly Spray Foam.

We understand how important property insulation is and only use the most advanced spray foam technology and expert installers. We are very experienced in the use of spray foam and in most cases can complete your installation within a day. With a top quality service that is fast and efficient from trades’ people that know all the relevant regulations, contacting us for your home insulation is the right decision.

Although we are based in Dublin we cover the whole of Ireland. Our location may put some people off, but we are happy to travel anywhere in Ireland. We have insulated homes and completed projects all over the country.

For more information about how we can help you to effectively insulate your home call us on 01 969 5561 or email us at Our team are always happy to help and are waiting to take your call.