Do You Need Shed Insulation?

Have you ever gone into your shed after a long hard winter and found your tools have started to rust, your mower has seized up, or the cleaning cloths you left out have started to rot away?  All these things are caused by damp and the variance in temperatures and humidity Irish weather is so well known for. No matter how prepared you are these things will happen, unless you have had good shed insulation installed.

When insulation is mentioned most people will think of their home. They may have had attic insulation to stop heat disappearing through their roof. This is a very popular form of insulation, particularly after a loft conversion. Not many people will think of insulating their shed, yet it is becoming very common and makes a lot of sense, especially if you spend time pottering around in your shed. You need to consider why you insulate your home, and apply the same thinking to your shed.

Tools are not cheap, but if the damp and cold get you your screwdrivers, hammers, chisels and other tools, you may have to replace many of them. What about the rollers seizing on the mower, or the electric tools that will not work because the damp has got into them? Then there are things like shears where the blades may no longer separate because of the rust holding them together, and the box of screws you have to throw away because of the rust. The problems just go on and on if you have a cold and damp shed.

It’s a much better and cheaper option to have shed insulation installed. With experts doing the job, the whole process can be done in less than a day and will not cost a fortune. So little inconvenience for so much piece of mind. At Reilly Spray Foam we only use top quality shed insulation, it’s used on farms and commercial buildings all over Ireland, so you can be sure it will do the job.


Looking After Your Shed

As well as all the items you store in your shed, there is also the integrity of the structure itself to consider. Spray foam shed insulation can help to strengthen your building, and help prevent the damp and cold ruining that as well. Your shed could last a lot longer if you have shed insulation installed.

Making sure you repair any broken windows and have a good quality door will help to protect your shed from the elements. Some people install double-glazing on their shed, and coat the outside with a water resistant paint.

Spray foam insulation is the most effective way of insulating your shed for a watertight seal. It will need no maintenance and will last as long as the structure, making it a more pleasant working or storage area. It will seal all the screw holes and joints where often the cold and damp creep in, making it a warmer environment in the winter months, and a cooler one in the summer.

Sheds, like the things you store in them, are not cheap to replace, so the more protection your shed has the better.


Living in A Shed

Protecting your shed and installing shed insulation does not mean that you would want to live in it, although it would certainly be cosy enough to. It is unlikely to be as big or sophisticated as the one built in County Down by Micah and Elaine Jones. Shown on the Grand Designs programme, it took them just nine months to build what they described as a big empty shed to live in, which was inspired by his childhood home.

Sheds do come in all shapes and sizes, from 6ft to 30ft and everything in-between. People approach the way they look from the outside in different ways. Some are left so it’s obvious what they are, while others will try and disguise them. Some are made to look like they are an extension of the house, and others are hidden behind bushes and trees. They are often given names as well, particularly when they turn into someone’s quiet retreat.

Sheds also have many different uses, they are not all used just for storing tools and garden equipment. Workshops, studios and playhouses are just some of the different ways people have used them. They have been turned into small libraries, tuck shops at schools, games rooms, and of course it is not unusual for them to be used as a man cave. If you want to use one to work in, relax, or for your children to play, shed insulation is important to keep the atmosphere dry and stop it from freezing or overheating when in use.

It is not unusual to see sheds that are being used for other reasons to look nothing like you would expect a shed to look. Often you will find the ones being used for relaxing or playing will have blinds or curtains at the windows, and other outside décor, as well as the inside being made to look good.


Using The Experts For Your Shed Insulation

Spray foam insulation has many benefits, but because of the nature of the product it is something you should not attempt yourself. Experts make it look easy, but in reality there is a lot of planning, expertise and experience that goes into making a successful insulation.

At Reilly Spray Foam we have teams of specialists who work on domestic properties, farms, commercial building and sheds, so wherever you are thinking of having spray foam insulation carried out, we can help. We only use top quality products, so not only will you reduce your energy bills, you can be certain the foam will not deteriorate over time. We cover all of Ireland, so your location is never a problem.

If you have any questions, or would like a free quote, just give us a call today on tel:01-9695561, we will be glad to help.

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